Summer School

I officially had 4 days off before summer programs started at my school.  While I did have the choice to teach summer school, and by right forfeit my right to complain about teaching summer school, this will be the last year I have the option.  My school will be one of the district’s Promise Academies (more later when I feel like jumping into that bottomless pool). Starting next summer, summer school will be mandatory for all teachers and students.  Since there is the new change-I happen to be pretty excited about the program I am working with this summer and hope to see it in place next year. Especially for the students who are on track.

The program I am working with is called Leaders of Change which is being run through our Student Success Center. Check out their blog In short it’s a program geared towards our rising seniors and tasking them to answer the essential question of how to be a leader in their community (school, neighborhood, city) and be a change agent in solving related issues. We’re also working with CollegeBoard through their curriculum of CollegeEd , and working with Philadelphia Youth Network’s Work Ready program which means the students are being treated as workers and being paid.

We’re also giving them a chance to activities that most of them otherwise might not be privileged to-this morning it was yoga. While I’m no yoga expert by a long shot, it was pretty humorous to see this morning in the beginning, but then as the class went on and the instructor included some partnering moves, it was great to see the students, or workers as we’ll be calling them, start to get into it and helping each other complete the poses. I hope that the progress of this morning’s yoga class is just the beginning of the growth we’ll see from the workers this summer.

So, if this is one of the ways summer school can look-sign me up.


~ by phillyteacher on July 6, 2010.

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