Monday started Promise Academy bootcamp, which means-5 days of PD (professional development for all the non-educators).  Now let me just be upfront and say that as soon as anyone in education hears PD, we instantly start thinking of 1000 ways to kill ourselves/lists to make/ things to do/excuses to use to get out of it.  But I must say the first 2 days were pretty informative.  Even for a “veteran” 5 year teacher like myself.  I know the new teachers are definitely learning a lot.  But now getting to day 3-I’m starting imagine scenarios.

I have to just give a shout-out (unnamed) to our principal.  He is truly in the trenches with us. And I can tell you from experience and I know other teachers can cosign-not many admins are the “in the trenches” type. I’m really excited for the possibilities of this year and what that means for our students.  It will be more work for all parties involved, students, teachers, parents, and “the powers that be”, but I have to believe that it will work and we will be able to produce graduates who are ready to be fully engaged citizens of the city, state, nation, and world at large.

So as things begin, it’s time to “get our weight up” because it’s time to dig in and get busy and WORK.


~ by phillyteacher on August 26, 2010.

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